How to Proceed?

AppFirms is an online marketplace that makes it easy to find an hire dedicated mobile app developers for your customized mobile application development projects. If you are a mobile app developer, you can create a customized professional company profile and share your skills with the world.

How to proceed?

Simply share or post the requirements of your mobile app project, select an ideal developer or development agency, and pay them only once they've completed the established milestones and the project as a whole. Your projects can be as large or little as you prefer, settled or negotiated, and you can decide on the timeframe of your project and milestone dates for releasing payments as well.

1. Post your custom mobile app project:

Quickly post your development project.

Welcome our highly skilled developers to submit their proposals.

Start receiving responses to your employment opportunity within minutes.

2. Pick an ideal developer or development agency:

Search among our many listed developers and agency profiles.

Reach out to any of them with a short description of your planned mobile application.

Select the best match after comparing and interviewing any of them.

Share your project details to your selected developer/company

And viola, your work begins!

3. Pay for the work:

Use the Milestone Payment System to pay securely.

Release the payment in installments as indicated when the objectives has been set, or pay just on fruition (It varies and depends upon both the parties).

4. Review the Freelance Developer’s work when the   project is completed:

Once your project is successfully finished you will be able to:

Review freelance developers/organizations work and your views.

Promote your apps and have an interview on our blog to showcase your experience.

AppFirms will assist you in publishing your apps to official stores and discover marketing options.

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