About Us

AppFirms is an online bidding platform offering access to the number of freelance mobile app development companies and developers to get the customized Mobile Application Projects done efficiently & cost effectively. The aim of this multilateral community is to ease the process of developing apps and bringing the best of both worlds.

About Us

What Is AppFirms?

AppFirms is an online marketplace that makes it easy for you to find and hire dedicated mobile app developers for your customized mobile application development projects.

Why was AppFirms started?

AppFirms goal is to make the bidding platform a better place for both Individual developers and development companies. We envision a day when freelancers and development companies no longer have to deal with rejections from clients, but to bid and acquire all the projects they need to generate revenue as per their industry expertise.

What can AppFirms do for you?

If you're a mobile application freelance developer or development company, AppFirms will help you:

Find projects according to your industry expertise.

Use the Milestone Payment System to secure your payments.

Request reviews from clients for your work with them.

Showcase your skills, capabilities and ranking to the clients.

How is AppFirms different from other freelancing websites?

AppFirms is solely and exclusively for mobile app development services only. We created this platform to ease the complicated process of mobile app development. From submitting a project to hiring a developer and from making an app to marketing it, we have detangled every inch of thread which can prevent your business app from reaching its potential users. Apart from this, another reason which makes us different from other freelancing websites is that we understand our responsibility as a society to bring and nurture talented developers from different parts of the world. We not only aim for growing economically but we also thrive to evolve socially.

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