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Yellow Objects Solutions (P) Limited

We started with a small team just focussing on pre-existing internet CMSs, ecommerce and direct solutions. We now have a strong team working towards building complete solutions for our clients. We have had limited exposure with legacy systems, but, we do have confidential work that we have accomplished with legacy system, but since we were the 3rd party contractor, we can not disclose all those information in public here.

We have a team of Analyst wherein, we are helping our clients to share their new age concepts in any of the verticals (except gaming) - and we re helping them with our research, analytics capabilities and recommendation in manouvering them through their idea. We are currently working with 2 brand new ideas with funding in the range of 5M and 1M (apart from the other ongoing projects) respectively. We do not help in Fund raising, but, apart from that, putting to...View more

Founded : 2012

Employees : 40-60

Avg. hourly rate :$ 15

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