PHP vs ASP.Net: Which One is Better For Beginners?


PHP vs ASP.NET: A common dilemma for Beginners

When it comes to coding, for beginners it is really tough to choose the one from PHP vs ASP.NET. Both of these coding languages are hugely popular and have a greater community support with millions of coders on a global scale. PHP happens to be an open source coding language which has its own share of features and advantages while ASP.NET is a brainchild of Microsoft which has its own perks and broader acceptance.

Here are some of the critical points which will help beginners to choose the right coding language as per their education and work needs.

The difference between PHP and ASP.NET

PHP is specifically a server-side scripting language which was developed by coder going by the name of Rasmus Lerdorf while Microsoft has developed a web application framework in the form of ASP.NET for the programmers worldwide. ASP.NET is aptly suited for the large to medium size enterprise applications so the beginners should opt for this if they are looking forward to code for the large-scale businesses in the upcoming days. On the other hand, PHP is widely used to create quick, reliable and robust web solutions on a small to medium scale. PHP being an open source entity is free for all with no costs attached, but ASP.NET has a significant licensing value attached with it which might deter the beginners.

Working with PHP effectively means the coding application is running on the client-facing user interfaces while ASP.NET is a better alternative when it comes to overall security and induction of different features and functionalities within the app. PHP isn’t as secure as the ASP.NET, but it does have a large community support which isn’t enjoyed by the Microsoft counterpart. For beginners, it is better to go with ASP.NET because it offers less customization which means error-free coding while PHP provides a whole new world of customization which makes the application entirely error prone if one is not careful while writing the codes.

The popularity of the PHP vs ASP.NET

When it comes to dominance among the websites being developed then both have their fair share of popular ones. But it is worth noting that the sites developed using PHP tend to rank better than the ones built with the ASP.NET. Some of the popular websites developed with PHP includes Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Wikipedia, iStockPhoto and others.  Popular websites running on ASP.NET include GoDaddy, Visual Studio, DELL, Microsoft, StackOverflow, and others.

Questions that beginners should ask themselves

Some of the questions which beginners should ask include:

  • Are you planning to create a desktop application for Windows?

Then the likely choice here should be the ASP.NET.

  •  Do you want to develop web applications for the Windows platform?

Then also the apt choice will be ASP.NET though you can still work with PHP on Windows (but it’s better to use it on Linux).

  •  Are you at ease with Linux and want to work on it?

You should be choosing PHP as it is the best place to make use of it. You can still work with the ASP.NET if you are keen on it, but you will have to make use of the Mono.

  •  Are you focusing on working with both Windows and Linux in future?

If you do so, then you can learn any one of the codings or merely master PHP along with another coding language like JavaScript which will be extremely helpful while making your way in the world of the web development.

Beginners should keep in mind as the programming knowledge advances they will find it much easy and simple to pick up new languages over time. Knowing additional languages not just aids you in the development process but also gives you an edge in this competitive era.

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