Samsung offers $10,000 prize for top performing new Tizen apps



Samsung has launched the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program, its latest attempt to encourage developers to make apps suitable for its own mobile operating system. Although Tizen is also used on Samsung’s televisions and wearables, the program specifically targets the Tizen smartphone range.



Details are only just beginning to come through, and the program itself doesn’t begin until January 2017, but we do know Samsung is offering $10,000 for apps that rank in the monthly top 100. What it doesn’t state is how developers will ensure their apps are eligible, or any of the finer rules.

The competition is open to developers around the world, and apps must operate on the Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, and Samsung Z3 smartphones, along with unnamed Tizen devices expected to launch in 2017. Developers must be registered as sellers on the Tizen Store to enter.

Apps must be submitted through a dedicated website that will launch early next year, and the promotion will run from February 1 2017 to October 31 2017.

All the current details are available here, where it’s stated, a $10,000 prize will be given every month, for “the 100 eligible applications that have been downloaded the most times on Tizen Store.” The prize will only be awarded once per app, so repeat wins won’t be possible.

Expect more details in the coming months to appear on the official website.

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