Mobile Games See 19% Year-on-Year Boost in South Korea


South Korea’s mobile gaming market has seen considerable growth over the past year, with figures showing a 19.6% growth rate since this time in 2015. Mobile gaming is now responsible for just over 32% of the region’s complete gaming market.

Minecraft is the current top paid mobile app in South Korea, according to App Annie

minecraft screen

The figures come from South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, along with the Korea Creative Content Agency, which reported the game market is likely to be worth $9.8b in 2016, after 7.5% growth has already been charted this year.

Although the data isn’t split to show mobile-only, the Ministry also states game imports are thriving, with a 7.2% increase over 2015, with North America responsible for 17% of all imports, and Europe 10.8%. China and Japan topped the game import charts with 32% and 21% respectively.

Additionally, South Korea’s game exports are up too, with a 10% increase in games delivered to the U.S, and nearly 7% to Europe.

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